So make a real one already Facebook

I hear all this complaining by the Facebook founder about how the movie “The Social Network” is all faction and he says this over and over again on what ever show or paper he is quoted in so why the hell not make a real Facebook to set the record straight about what real and what is not. As i think alot of people would be interested in hearing the truw story behind the ride of the Facebook.

Even tonight the movie won lots of various Golden Globe awards and remember this is fiction, lol. Anyways I hope they set the record straight with a real Facebook movie and not just leave everyone imagining what was and was not real in the movie.


This oil leak has to be plugged

Please someone do something to plug this oil well it is killing millions of various wildlife and destroying coast lands and ruining lives and the economy why has nothing been done to plug it but rather everything they do seems to be another way for them to get oil from it, instead of the real problem of plugging it. I hope someone stands up to BP and takes over this operation to plug this well and stop this oil from leaking into the gulf. Everything from this company has not worked and many things have been grossly under estimated and my opinion was probably just a flat out lie when it came to how much oil was leaking into the ocean.

Silly bandz are on every kid

I recently went to my local YMCA and found that every kid there had on them these silicone type rubber bands animal shaped like things called silly bandz which every kid had on. Than when i picked up my kid from his last day of school recently every kid coming out of the school have these Silly bandz on the some of them wore them on there ankles others on there wrist some around there neck.

Anyways my point is why are these things so all of a sudden popular and has anyone done studies on them to show they do not harm the kids wearing them? Not to say they are but has anyone done one or two studies?

Still very cold but its almost Spring

Even though it is still very cold outside and probably will be for another couple of weeks I am very happy that Spring is right around teh corner and all this cold weather will be nothing more than a bad memory, lol. I am no doubt going to take a vacation this year where to i just do not know yet but I wanting to go somewhere that has clear blue water like the carribean or something like it. i have never been and i am anxious to get there to see it for my self and not just in magazines or on television.

My question to you is if you could take a vacation anywhere this Spring where would you go and why? I think you know where i am going but why is because I quite simply have NOT had a vacation in almost 8 years so it is way overdue  in my opinion. So now you know mine tell me yours!

Excited about my new teeth

I had gotten into a pretty bad car accident a while back and had several of my teeth knocked out along with some broken bones and plenty of bruises. I had been waiting on getting some new teeth called dental implants that would replace my old ones that had to be removed, once my mouth healed up enough to be able to hold them.  The last time I went to my dentist he told me everything was healing up correctly and looking good enough to get my new set of teeth in so I am very excited and happy that I will have my smile back thanks to this nolensville dentist that did all the labor for free and only charged my what it costs him for the teeth themselves.

If you ever need a awesome dentist in the nolensville Tennessee area you should no doubt give this Dentist Dr Fleming  a call as he worked wonders for me and no doubt can work wonders for you. Another great thing is that now that I am back to feeling better I should be back to blogging here more often  as well.

Google Buzz is buzzing the media

It seems Google launched a new feature called Google Buzz if you login into you gmail account like i did than you will be prompted to join the new Google Buzz. Many are calling it a Facebook like social network but I am not sure that is all it is going to be about. Many are saying the last thing they need is another social network account I for one can vouch for that but at least I know this social network will do no evil with my data. My question to everyone is what do you think about Google Buzz?

To be fair i have had not much time to toy with it but my overall impression is that it is pretty cool I just hope everyone will join in it my network and not just a couple people over a long period of time. Second I hope that it will have a feature in it that will combine all my social networks into it as this is what i am really needing. Third give me some more time to check it out as i am still just learning it but was looking forward to learning Google wave but that will be another post.

How the Government can create jobs!

What can the Government do to help create jobs in America well to me this answer is simple and should be looked at by every American and person in power. The idea is to give a $100,000 dollar line of credit to every small business in America as small businesses account for the a largest portion of the workforce. A Government backed loan for every small business in America yea its that simple. So instead of bailing out banks that made the wrong decisions and put every American in this crisis the United States Government should help out every American by extending a line of credit to every small business owner in America I am not sure what the total amount would be but lets say a trillion dollars that every small business in America can apply to get a hundred thousand dollar loan from regardless of credit. This would create jobs by allowing business to hire employees and more importantly add a trillion dollars to the American economy. From what i can tell there are 4.2 million small business in America so 4.2 million times $100,000 is?

Got a better plan lets hear it because the ship is sinking and we need to do something fast before it goes under!