Monthly Archives: November 2008

Medical marijuana and the next Administration

Seems more History was made on election night than just a new President for the Nation and that was two States Michigan and Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana in some form or fashion. Plus some States are decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for anyone caught with it it would be like getting a traffic ticket. Now my hopes are the under the next administration a Federal law will be passed that allows for anyone with a reason to use marijuana for medical reasons to be able to do so with no fear of being locked up or there possessions taken because of growing it or possessing it.

I wonder how long it will take the next Administration to start to move towards a more sensible policy on medical marijuana because there are lots of sick people in jail right now laying next to criminals only because they had some marijuana in there possession to treat there illness. If we all write letters asking them to please free the sick Americans from jail and allow them safe access to medicine there doctors have prescribed for there illnesses instead of locking them up and taking away there stuff and access to there prescribed medicine.


OPEC President wants more of our money say NO!

The OPEC President announced today that they will cut production of oil supplies in order to bring the price of a barrel of oil back up to $60 to $90 dollars range {more than likely the $90 range} for a barrel instead of it falling back to pre Bush levels which basically means OPEC wants more of Americas money, and I say we tell him and the rest of OPEC no you can not have more of our hard earned and hard to come by money in fact you will need to take less per barrel for awhile. Our current leader would never say such a thing to his oil buddies but I hope our next great leader changes all this and brings gas prices back down to under a dollar a gallon by the end of his first term.

We have made these oil countries trillions of dollars and provided them security and information for decades you would think the least they can do is help us out in our time of need, and believe me that time was years ago. Together we can get gas under a dollar a gallon again if we and our leaders demand it!

Some hot video sharing sites

When ever I get a chance behind a broadband connection I go to my favorite video tube sites and see what is new and surf some of my favorite channels on them. There are lots of great videos uploaded daily to these tube websites and if you have not uploaded any of your own videos than make sure to do so sometime to one of these great video sharing services below!