Monthly Archives: August 2009

Rich people love a bad economy.

My friend that rants and rambles starting to rant about why rich people love a bad economy in his rant he says that people with millions of dollars are able to buy up everything for pennies on the dollar and billionaires are able to buy up much more for much less. He says that homes that would have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars each are now being sold for foreclosure prices of 10 to 20 thousands. Cars that would have sold for 40,00 are selling for 5 to 10 thousands and stock that were selling for hundreds per share are now being bought up for 2 to 5 dollars.

And that any time there is a recession it just pretty much screws the poor as for we are all running around trying to figure out where we are going to get our next meal from or how we are going to pay the rent or electricity bill these guys are running around buying up everything for pennies on the dollar and vacationing . And finally he finishes off with do you think a millionaire cares if gas was 8 dollars a gallon?


Sorry for the hiatus

Sorry for the hiatus from blogging but I need to to a break from the computer for awhile and unplug and in that time i ended up moving to another State the great State of Tennessee that is. Things are going pretty rough for some in my family and I have been trying to help lend a hand but things are still pretty rough and the outlook does not look good for the entire country let alone my little ole family

But we are trying and that is better than giving up so now that I got my internet connection back on I can start blogging again to and filling you full or worthless information that you will never use or find useful but gives me something to do with all these thoughts running around in my head.