Google Buzz is buzzing the media

It seems Google launched a new feature called Google Buzz if you login into you gmail account like i did than you will be prompted to join the new Google Buzz. Many are calling it a Facebook like social network but I am not sure that is all it is going to be about. Many are saying the last thing they need is another social network account I for one can vouch for that but at least I know this social network will do no evil with my data. My question to everyone is what do you think about Google Buzz?

To be fair i have had not much time to toy with it but my overall impression is that it is pretty cool I just hope everyone will join in it my network and not just a couple people over a long period of time. Second I hope that it will have a feature in it that will combine all my social networks into it as this is what i am really needing. Third give me some more time to check it out as i am still just learning it but was looking forward to learning Google wave but that will be another post.


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