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I am a happy blogger with WordPress

I am so happy that I have started blogging here. Word Press has made the experience a pretty painless process and I’ve urged so many other people to start there own blogs. I enjoy reading a good amount of other blogs, I had no idea, back when I started, how popular blogs are these days. It’s all been good, so far.


Sorry for the hiatus

Sorry for the hiatus from blogging but I need to to a break from the computer for awhile and unplug and in that time i ended up moving to another State the great State of Tennessee that is. Things are going pretty rough for some in my family and I have been trying to help lend a hand but things are still pretty rough and the outlook does not look good for the entire country let alone my little ole family

But we are trying and that is better than giving up so now that I got my internet connection back on I can start blogging again to and filling you full or worthless information that you will never use or find useful but gives me something to do with all these thoughts running around in my head.

Hello you and everyone else!

Well here goes nothing or maybe something I do not really know to tell you the truth because i am new to this whole blogging thing but am excited at the possibilities that may lie ahead if I do good and write well.

So this is my first post and hopefully it will go well I do not even know where the go button is to post this post yet but going to try the save button and see what that does.