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Which had the best art?

Which culture has the best looking art? And I mean out of all the different cultures and societies you have ever seen or heard about , which one has the best art in your opinion? I am thinking the Egyptians had the best art of all time but the Romans and the Greeks had some pretty cool stuff to..

I always like to hear from people out there about stuff I write about so please if you get a chance leave your thoughts about which culture had the best art.


Whats the most used excuse ever?

I was wondering what the most used excuse was in the World, I am thinking that it is probably ” everyone else is doing it” but I am not sure and I think this up for debate because maybe it is just the excuse I have heard all my life from all the lame people I have known over my time here on this planet.

So please chime in when you think you have come up with what you think is the most used excuse in the World and why you think it is.