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So make a real one already Facebook

I hear all this complaining by the Facebook founder about how the movie “The Social Network” is all faction and he says this over and over again on what ever show or paper he is quoted in so why the hell not make a real Facebook to set the record straight about what real and what is not. As i think alot of people would be interested in hearing the truw story behind the ride of the Facebook.

Even tonight the movie won lots of various Golden Globe awards and remember this is fiction, lol. Anyways I hope they set the record straight with a real Facebook movie and not just leave everyone imagining what was and was not real in the movie.


Some hot video sharing sites

When ever I get a chance behind a broadband connection I go to my favorite video tube sites and see what is new and surf some of my favorite channels on them. There are lots of great videos uploaded daily to these tube websites and if you have not uploaded any of your own videos than make sure to do so sometime to one of these great video sharing services below!


Swordfish movie was awesome

This movie called Swordfish starring several great stars including John Travolta and Halle Berry is one awesome film with lots of twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way till the end. Of course my friends that always says she knows everything said she knew that it was going to end the way it did but I am telling you right now that she is lied her ass off because this movie has so much stuff that comes out of left field there is no way anyone could ever guess how it end.

A no doubt must see film for people over the age of 18 because it has some nudity but more of a better plot than skin flick trust me.