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So make a real one already Facebook

I hear all this complaining by the Facebook founder about how the movie “The Social Network” is all faction and he says this over and over again on what ever show or paper he is quoted in so why the hell not make a real Facebook to set the record straight about what real and what is not. As i think alot of people would be interested in hearing the truw story behind the ride of the Facebook.

Even tonight the movie won lots of various Golden Globe awards and remember this is fiction, lol. Anyways I hope they set the record straight with a real Facebook movie and not just leave everyone imagining what was and was not real in the movie.


Google Buzz is buzzing the media

It seems Google launched a new feature called Google Buzz if you login into you gmail account like i did than you will be prompted to join the new Google Buzz. Many are calling it a Facebook like social network but I am not sure that is all it is going to be about. Many are saying the last thing they need is another social network account I for one can vouch for that but at least I know this social network will do no evil with my data. My question to everyone is what do you think about Google Buzz?

To be fair i have had not much time to toy with it but my overall impression is that it is pretty cool I just hope everyone will join in it my network and not just a couple people over a long period of time. Second I hope that it will have a feature in it that will combine all my social networks into it as this is what i am really needing. Third give me some more time to check it out as i am still just learning it but was looking forward to learning Google wave but that will be another post.

Unmanned aerial air cleaner vehicles

I found this awesome post about a great idea about using unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs to clean the air of carbons and other pollutants. The post reads as follows
“unmanned aerial vehicles will fly around the sky collecting the carbon out of it in order to help clean the air. And the unmanned aerial vehicles will run off batteries that recharge using solar power and flutter technology because as technology grows faster and smaller and more energy efficient systems are created we will soon be able to fly these type of machines in the air via GPS guided routes that just do nothing all day but clean the air we breathe”