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This oil leak has to be plugged

Please someone do something to plug this oil well it is killing millions of various wildlife and destroying coast lands and ruining lives and the economy why has nothing been done to plug it but rather everything they do seems to be another way for them to get oil from it, instead of the real problem of plugging it. I hope someone stands up to BP and takes over this operation to plug this well and stop this oil from leaking into the gulf. Everything from this company has not worked and many things have been grossly under estimated and my opinion was probably just a flat out lie when it came to how much oil was leaking into the ocean.


Silly bandz are on every kid

I recently went to my local YMCA and found that every kid there had on them these silicone type rubber bands animal shaped like things called silly bandz which every kid had on. Than when i picked up my kid from his last day of school recently every kid coming out of the school have these Silly bandz on the some of them wore them on there ankles others on there wrist some around there neck.

Anyways my point is why are these things so all of a sudden popular and has anyone done studies on them to show they do not harm the kids wearing them? Not to say they are but has anyone done one or two studies?

Medical marijuana and the next Administration

Seems more History was made on election night than just a new President for the Nation and that was two States Michigan and Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana in some form or fashion. Plus some States are decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for anyone caught with it it would be like getting a traffic ticket. Now my hopes are the under the next administration a Federal law will be passed that allows for anyone with a reason to use marijuana for medical reasons to be able to do so with no fear of being locked up or there possessions taken because of growing it or possessing it.

I wonder how long it will take the next Administration to start to move towards a more sensible policy on medical marijuana because there are lots of sick people in jail right now laying next to criminals only because they had some marijuana in there possession to treat there illness. If we all write letters asking them to please free the sick Americans from jail and allow them safe access to medicine there doctors have prescribed for there illnesses instead of locking them up and taking away there stuff and access to there prescribed medicine.

Getting a message to the masses

What form of media do you think is best to get stuff out to the public? I am thinking television but I do not watch television so that would not work for me but it may work for the rest of society. Even still movies seem to be a great way to reach the masses but radio is not one of them because it is quickly dieing out.

Well maybe I answered my own question already and do not need to do this blog post because it seems to the television is the clear winner on how you get a message out to the masses, if you think I am wrong on this please do correct me with the best form of media to reach the masses is.