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Some hot video sharing sites

When ever I get a chance behind a broadband connection I go to my favorite video tube sites and see what is new and surf some of my favorite channels on them. There are lots of great videos uploaded daily to these tube websites and if you have not uploaded any of your own videos than make sure to do so sometime to one of these great video sharing services below!



Adult dvds are cheaper than ever

Since the new digital video disc format war has been won by blu-ray discs, adult dvds are cheaper than ever and that means there is a lot of great porn to be had for pennies on the dollar compared to just a couple of years ago. I have been on a collection spree here recently and have found awesome deals at places like this adult dvd store.

If anyone has a place they shop at that has cheaper prices than this oe post it in the commetns I always like to save money but after looking at about 20 different stores that sell adult dvds this one was cheaper than all of them!

Some cool tube sites

For those of you that have broadband and like to watch video like myself let me tell you about some cool tube sites that are worth watching. The first is YouTube this wonderful Tube site has tons of great videos on it but you probably already knew that so here is number two. is another popular tube site with lots of cool videos on it. The third is called which like the other two is a great website with tons of cool videos posted on it.

If you know of any tube sites please leave them in the comments I would live to start a list of all the cool tube sites on the internet and together we can do just that!