Box Tops For Education

This time of the year I always gather up the box tops for education labels that I’ve clipped from various food and house hold products. I take them to the middle school down the street and donate them each fall. I really acquire a good amount of them and it just seems a waste not to put them to good use.


Allergies to wheat!

My best friend went to the doctor today only to find out that she is allergic to wheat. So now she has to be very careful with what she is going to eat. Eating out at restaurants are going to be a challenge. But it is nice to know that there are more and more food products aimed for people with food allergies.

I am a happy blogger with WordPress

I am so happy that I have started blogging here. Word Press has made the experience a pretty painless process and I’ve urged so many other people to start there own blogs. I enjoy reading a good amount of other blogs, I had no idea, back when I started, how popular blogs are these days. It’s all been good, so far.

The Internet

I love how things are right at our finger tips these days, all due to the Internet. I needed to find a good dentist, so of course instead of reaching for the Yellow Pages, I only had to go online. In a matter of minutes I had several numbers to call and I found the right one in just a few minutes. Can’t imagine life without the Internet.

Truck Load of Firewood

I just got a phone call about a truck load of firewood being given away. All I need to do is go over there and load it up and haul it away and it is mine for the taking. I love free. It’s supposed to be a nice weather weekend. That will give me something to do during the nice days ahead.

The Price of Gas

I’m so glad to see the price of gas finally going down. I can only hope that it stays down and will hopefully continue to drop. This years heating bills are going to be hard enough to deal with and we are in for a long, hard winter. Thank goodness for long underwear!

Rich people love a bad economy.

My friend that rants and rambles starting to rant about why rich people love a bad economy in his rant he says that people with millions of dollars are able to buy up everything for pennies on the dollar and billionaires are able to buy up much more for much less. He says that homes that would have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars each are now being sold for foreclosure prices of 10 to 20 thousands. Cars that would have sold for 40,00 are selling for 5 to 10 thousands and stock that were selling for hundreds per share are now being bought up for 2 to 5 dollars.

And that any time there is a recession it just pretty much screws the poor as for we are all running around trying to figure out where we are going to get our next meal from or how we are going to pay the rent or electricity bill these guys are running around buying up everything for pennies on the dollar and vacationing . And finally he finishes off with do you think a millionaire cares if gas was 8 dollars a gallon?