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How the Government can create jobs!

What can the Government do to help create jobs in America well to me this answer is simple and should be looked at by every American and person in power. The idea is to give a $100,000 dollar line of credit to every small business in America as small businesses account for the a largest portion of the workforce. A Government backed loan for every small business in America yea its that simple. So instead of bailing out banks that made the wrong decisions and put every American in this crisis the United States Government should help out every American by extending a line of credit to every small business owner in America I am not sure what the total amount would be but lets say a trillion dollars that every small business in America can apply to get a hundred thousand dollar loan from regardless of credit. This would create jobs by allowing business to hire employees and more importantly add a trillion dollars to the American economy. From what i can tell there are 4.2 million small business in America so 4.2 million times $100,000 is?

Got a better plan lets hear it because the ship is sinking and we need to do something fast before it goes under!